Monday, 17 October 2016

Heart Space

Once I started understanding the slightly irregular geometry of the Chestahedron, I grew fond of it. Two variations of it now decorate the Neurophysics Functional Movement Centre in Queensland, as well as being used to demonstrate complex processes.

Even without anything suspended from the top, the Chestahedron favours an upright position in relation to gravity. 'Chiming Heart' was sized to fit into a 50cm cube, made of non-elastic string and Tasmanian Oak. It has a Chinese Bell as attachment, introducing more moveable elements to a relative sturdy structure.

'Fiery Heart' needed to be more moveable, even the small weight of a bell (ca. one ounce) put too much stress on a similar structure with elastic strings. I decided to use non-elastic string for the lateral 'corners' to maintain the overall shape after distortion, and to make the non-elastic attachment point part of the tension network.

While I used whatever I could find as attachments so far, I needed now something of decent size, low weight and potentially bell-shaped. A small 6-strut tensegrity tetrahedron fits the bill perfectly, creating pleasing size relations. Some dashes of colour high light this centre, combining the shape for Fire with its colour red.

Meanwhile, 'Mottled Heart' gets taken over a by tomato, rosemary and mustard. The dodecahedron on the roof suffered a bit with the stormy weather lately, but 'Mottled Heart' shows only slight fading of the strings. I wonder whether its attachment will interfere with the mustard underneath, it won't take long before I find out.