TATT stands for The Affordable Tensegrity Toolkit. This toolkit is the product of my experiments to build smale and medium scale, flexible tensegrity structures. It's inspired by the Tensegritoy, which is unfortunately no longer available. The kit consists of 12 (or 32) identical elements, basically a 16 cm long bamboo stick with an elastic string attached to it.

With the small version of the toolkit, you can build a tetrahedron, a cube, an octahedron or a trigonal dipyramid, the bigger one builds all Platonic Solids and any geometric shape with less than 30 edges. The how-tos for the toolkit are meant as starting point for your exploration, and not as a complete list of objects you can build with it.

The first how-to is in form of a photo series documenting the build of an octahedron, step by step with written comments. The close-ups show more details than the video instructions below, and explain the basic building rules.

The toolkit can be ordered via Big Cartel.


3 Platonic Solids with a maximum of 12 sticks