Friday, 31 December 2010

New season

I decided to continue my presence at the Rose Street Artist's Market for at least two more month. I will give you the exact dates once my booking is confirmed. I plan to separate the toys more from the sculptures, which will sell from now on with a signed authenticity certificate. I can't bring all of them to the market, here's the current portfolio of available sculptures.

 Cyber Invasion
Variation on 6-strut tensegrity

 Kongquered Bridge
Variation on 6-strut tensegrity

Tensegrity Octahedron with mixed chirality (12 struts)

Tensegrity sphere on five-strut tensul (30 + 5 struts)

Tensegrity sphere (30 struts)

Tensegrity Dodecahedron (30 struts)

Tensegrity Buckminsterfullerene (90 struts)

 Squared copper Octa
Tensegrity stellated octahedron (48 struts)

Tensegrity sphere (30 struts)

 Green Horizon
Tensegrity Octahedron (12 struts)

Tensegrity Cuboctahedron with suspended tensegrity icosahedron (24 + 6 struts)

 Black Horizon
Tensegrity Octahedron (12 struts)

 Forced Reincarnation 2
Tensegrity Octahedron (12 struts)

 Forced Reincarnation 1
Tensegrity Octahedron (12 struts)

 Trinity Cube
Tensegrity cube (12 struts)

 Copped cube
Tensegrity cube (12 struts)

Red Octa
Tensegrity octahedron (12 struts)

Neon Logic
Tensegrity Icosahedron (6 struts)

Prime cube lifted
Tensegrity cube on 3-strut tensul (12 + 3 struts)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Thank you

The first part of my experiment ended today - I had my last appearance on the Rose Street Artist's Market for this year. I'd like to thanks all my customers, everyone stress-testing my constructions (besides the real clumsy ones) and everyone showing an interest in my tensegrity sculptures. I wanted to find out whether I could produce tensegrity structures that were appealing enough to the general public to be sold.

I spend 13 sundays in Fitzroy, and learned to enjoy my time on the market thoroughly. I started with a cut-loss strategy, hoping for a break even after one market season, willing to discontinue the experiment in case of utter lack of business.

Now it's time for a break, ironically mainly because I broke my foot. However, once I'm back on both feet I will arrange market dates for the next year. Until then, I can work on some aspects of my market presence I neglected a bit. On the product side, I want to introduce more colour. Due to my outdoor workshop setting the Melbourne weather prevents more colour temporarily, but summer has to come one day.

Thank you all for your interest and support.