Sculpture portfolio

The sculptures shown here are available for exhibition or purchase. Depending on your distance to Melbourne, transport cost might get unreasonably high, please contact me via the Big Cartel site to discuss options.

Spherical tensegrities
Tensegrity Buckminsterfullerene (90 struts)

Egg of Columbus
Tensegrity sphere with varying strut length (20+10=30 struts) 

Redfaced Revisited
Tensegrity Vector Equilibrium (24 struts)

Tensegrity sphere (30 struts)

 12 meridians
Tensegrity Dodecahedron (30 struts) 

Tensegrity Buckminsterfullerene (90 struts)

Icosahedral tensegrities

Star Icosa
Tensegrity Icosahedron (30 struts)

Five Elements
Tensegrity Icosahedron (30 struts)

Octahedral tensegrities

 Black Horizon
Tensegrity Octahedron (12 struts)

 Forced Reincarnation 2
Tensegrity Octahedron (12 struts)

Tensegrity Octahedron with mixed chirality (12 struts)

Red Octa
Tensegrity octahedron (12 struts)

Tensegrity octahedron (12 struts)

Tensegrity octahedron (12 struts) 

Cube in octa
Tensegrity octahedron (12 struts) with suspended cubical framework

Hexahedral (cubical) tensegrities

 Copped Hypercube
Tensegrity cube (12 struts) with suspended cubical framework

 Trinity cube
Tensegrity cube (12 struts)

Tensegrity cube (12 struts)

Balanced Infinity
Tensegrity Cube (12 struts)

Caged rainbow
Tensegrity cube with additional struts along the faces (18 struts)

Tetrahedral tensegrities

Tensegrity Tetrahedron (6 struts, ca 1m high)

Tensegrity Tetrahedron (6 struts)

Tensegrity tetrahedron with 4 tensuls connecting to its sides (6 + 4*3 = 18 struts)

Tensegrity octahedron with 8 added tensuls outlining two enclosing tetrahedra (12+24 = 36 struts)

Red Star
Tensegrity tetrahedron with smaller suspended tetrahedron (12 struts)

Homage to Pars
Tensegrity tetrahedron (12 struts)

Parsed Rastefarian
Tensegrity tetrahedron (12 struts)

Tensegrity tetrahedron (6 struts)

Tetra ala Snelson
X-module outlining a tetrahedron (4 struts)

Vier gewinnt
4 tensegrity tensul combined to outline a tetrahedron

Composite and other tensegrities

 Cyber Invasion
Variation on 6-strut tensegrity

Icosa-Tetra-Combo suspended from a 2-stage tensul (6+6+6 struts), ca 180cm

Five stacked 3-strut tensuls (15 struts), ca 130 cm high

Lil Satellites
4 centrally joined icosahedra mounted on a 3-strut tensul (24+3 struts)

Tensegrity Tetrahedron mounted on a tensul (6 + 3 struts), ca 160 cm high

 Kongquered Bridge
Variation on 6-strut tensegrity

Fiercely occupied
Variation on 6-strut tensegrity

Gargoyled Tetra
Variation of 6-strut tensegrity

Tensegrity Octahedron mounted on 4-strut tensul (12 + 4 struts)

Tensegrity sphere on five-strut tensul (30 + 5 struts)

Frog in the Well
Tensegrity icosahedron mounted on two tensuls, with suspended Chinese bell as counterweight (30+6=36 struts) 

United Duals
Tensegrity Octahedron with 8 connected tensuls outlining a cube (12 + 24 = 36 struts)

Tensegrity tetrahedron mounted on a tensul with a smaller tensegrity tetrahedron suspended inside (6+6+3 = 15 struts)

Tensegrity tower based on cubes (60 struts)

Floating Spell
Pentagonal tensegrity prism (20 struts)

4 strut tensegrity

Genesis revisited
X-module tensegrity (4 struts)

Double plus good
X-module tensegrity (4 struts)

Polarised Canary
Two four struts prisms connected with a centrally suspended strut (9 struts)

Penta lift
Tensegrity dodecahedron on a five strut prism (35 struts)

Tensegrity tensul with orthogonal support struts (6 struts)