Saturday, 21 January 2012


I haven't been that busy during a week with building tensegrities ever, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I needed models I could transport without a car. It will be lots of fun to find out how practical my idea of transport will be tomorrow, unicycling with a backpack from which twenty or so tensegrity structures dangle....

Besides a set of octoids, octahedra in which colours enhance aspects of their structure, I build a number of colourful icosahedra. I hope I can source more of the material I used for the latest icosa builds, it saved me lots of work. Doing the computer related things, like preparing and uploading the slideshow turned out much less pleasurable. Nevertheless, all is prepared for an interesting market day tomorrow, including the update of the market datea for the first three month of 2012.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The next season

Many things happened since I last had a stall at the Rose Street Market, most unfortunately, my car got totalled so I now face the challenge to transport enough models either on PT or on a unicycle.

As most of my toy octahedra were gone, I prepared the components for another batch of octoids, spending lots of time on sawing, cutting and a bit of spray painting. Luckily, I didn't forget how to build tensegrities, determined to produce enough portable material for next sunday's market I got into a bit of a rush - six octahedra, one icosahedron and one cube provide the first yield of two days work.

By chance I came up with a new colour combination for square struts, which works amazingly well. I might need to prepare another batch of struts to use up all the coloured ones I have now, and getting the photo and documenting job done.

I nearly forgot the joy of bringing tensegrities to life, especially those with unique looks.