On the move

These sculptures have found new homes. So far, my sculptures have made it to Asia, Europe and North America. Most of them will be somewhere around Melbourne, but as especially the collapsible models travel quite well here's the locations I know of so far.
  • Germany 
  • Switzerland
  • Greece
  • Goa, India
  • Queensland, Australia
  • Perth, Australia
  • New York City
  • New Zealand
  • Tasmania
  • Italy
  • England

Lots of 6 strut icosahedra and 12 strut octahedra, some in plain wood/bamboo, other in three or four colours, as well as some conjoined tetrahedra attracted new owners. Literally hundreds of hand-made sculptures now exert their special energy in different places, creating a new matrix of sacred geometry around the globe.

I'd like to thank all my customers and visitors for their support. Without you, the development of interactive tensegrity art couldn't have continued.

Model 456 (Tetrahedron made of five icosahedra and six supporting struts)
Scarab (Icosahedron with two-stage tensul attached)
n/a icosahedron in two colours
Wechselbalg (30-strut icosahedron)
Lemonlime (12 strut octahedron)
Bullfrog (6 bicolour strut icosahedron)
Squared Copper Octa (48 strut stellated octahedron)
Red-white delight (12 strut octahedron)
Green Horizon (12 strut octahedron)
Neonlogic (6 strut icosahedron)

Disguised Rastafarian (12 strut octahedron)

Limejelly (12 strut octahedron) 

Neoncube (12 strut asymmetric cube)

Unholy Grail 

Pink bits (6 strut icosahedron)

Unnamed (6 strut tetrahedron)
Nippon (12 strut octahedron)
I-trap (Tensegrity Cuboctahedron with suspended tensegrity icosahedron)

Tetra-in-icosa 6 strut tensegrity icosahedron with suspended tetrahedron

Hybrid Hornet - 12 strut tensegrity octahedron

Triangular Dualism - 24 strut cuboctahedron

Plato's secret - 10 strut tensegrity dodecahedron
Rainbow grail - tensegrity torus with integrated 6 strut prism on a trion ray base
Danish double - 12 strut tetrahedron with centred corner connections

Nearly 5 to twelve - 6 strut icosahedron with redundant tendons outlining an irregular dodecahedron

Trembly Tetra - 4 strut tensegrity outlining a tetrahedron
Blue peril - 12 strut skewed octahedron

Double dual vector equilibrium - 24 strut tensegrity cuboctahedron

Green Rocket - 4 strut tensegrity

Not green satellite - 6 strut icosahedron extended to tetrahedron by 4 3 strut prisms
Inner Strength Purple heart (12 strut tensegrity octahedron with suspended 6 strut tensegrity icosahedron)

Inner Strength Hard Core (12 strut tensegrity octahedron with suspended 6 strut tensegrity icosahedron)