Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Market Dates

I just confirmed my bookings for the Rose Street Artist's Market for January and February. Keeping up my old habits, I will appear fortnightly on Sundays in Fitzroy, offering you the unique opportunity to buy an original piece of tensegrity art.

  • January: 16 and 30
  • February: 13 and 27

     Red white delight
    Tensegrity Octahedron (12 struts)

    Tensegrity Octahedron mounted on 4-strut tensul (12 + 4 struts)

     Red Barrier
    Tensegrity Icosahedron (6 struts)

    Tensegrity Tetrahedron (6 struts)

    Tensegrity Vector Equilibrium (24 struts)

    Five stacked 3-strut tensuls (15 struts), ca 130 cm high

    Tensegrity Tetrahedron mounted on a tensul (6 + 3 struts), ca 160 cm high

    Tensegrity Tetrahedron (6 struts)

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