Thursday, 14 July 2011

For real

Last century, it took months if not years to start a shop. In the 21st century, it took me the better part of an afternoon to do so. I admit, part of requirements is a PayPal account, and it might take some days to verify your details to have it fully activated. But then, unless you have a customer base before you start, you don't necessary expect anything happening in the first hours of operation.

Like a spider in its web, I can sit and wait for the first order to arrive per email. Luckily, this means I can spend my time in other ways. Like producing a how-to for The Affordable Tensegrity Toolkit. The free shop at Big Cartel serves as platform to manage internet sales. I have no idea how many random visitors come across, as all interesting features transform the free shop into paid one, a classical freemium business model. That means I will have to bang my own drum, in the shape of youtube videos.

So far, I offer only the models that can easily be mailed, but feel free to use the contact form of the shop if you're interested in something you see here, or to discuss specific projects. For of all you lucky enough to live in Melbourne, you can have a look and a chat when I'm on the Rose Street Artist's Market in Fitzroy.

PS: I mentioned spiders and their web before - Google has picked up the shop and included in its 'tensegrity' alert.

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