Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bigger things

I recycled some of the struts I used for my geodesic dome experiment. With about 90 cm strut length 6 strut models of tetrahedron and icosahedron just so fit through my front door, my ambitions certainly outgrow my available work space indoors. 23 squared still hangs in a modestly visible spot from a tree, the storms of the last few days haven't affected it.

I have no idea about the effect sunlight will produce - typical Melbourne weathers meant grey skies since I installed it. But I found a perfectly suited spot for the next installation, an icosahedron, again with some parts of the struts spray painted.

The rain seemed to have stretched the tendons, I twisted some struts to increase the overall tension. I hope my idea about visibility works out, at night it's basically invisible. Hope the sun comes back to Melbourne soon.

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