Sunday, 22 April 2012

More rip-offs

The success with rebuilding the tetrahedron based on Marcelo Pars' idea motivated me to do more as yet unexplored structures. There's still some challenges I want to take on, watch this space.

Caged rainbow (18 strut tensegrity cube)
The simplest of my new structures just adds 6 struts to a cube with changing chirality along its corners. Similar to a dice, where opposite sides add up to seven, colours oppose each other of each side. Snelson managed to build an x-module in a way that outlined a tetrahedron, I was surprised how well my guestimation for the different tendon lengths worked out.

Tetra ala Snelson
It might look better when slotted into a base, so that only one strut connects to the ground, similar to Earthlon, which shows the 'ascension skylon' out of Burkhardt's collection of structures, and turns it around.

I drafted Earthlon with elastic strings. but it gained much stability with less elastic tendons. It has only little movement, nevertheless looks quite surprising.

Polarised canary
Polarised canary took quite some time to get together, and probably the tendons holding the upright strut could be a bit shorter. The same concept should work with three struts on either end, and looks a bit like a beam capable of absorbing shock along its length.

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