Thursday, 16 June 2011

Leaving symmetry behind

I used a short stint of sunshine to spray paint a batch of struts to bring more colour to my market display. Then I left symmetry behind to experiment with more skewed tensegrities, and came up with five structures in which a splash a colour creates new interesting perspectives.

Disguised Rastafarian
Disguised Rastafarian represents another variation of my favorite octahedron build method, using nylon and elastic jewellery cord together. It's the forth or fifth octa with four green struts hinting at a square, and not the last....

Limejelly revives my old preference for transparent elastic, and for building the 'complementary' tensegrity. Limejelly displays clockwise rotating corners, so their at least two little differences to Disguises Rastafarian.

I think a tensegrity cube allows a symmetric distribution of two colours, yet I continued with a 2:1 ratio in colour distribution, with 4 out of 12 struts coloured green. Balanced on one corner, the green struts appear floating. The box character of the orthogonal tensegrity cube allows for a parallel arrangement for the coloured struts.

Skewed Jellycube
My experiments to transform 12-strut octa and cube into a cuboctahedron inspired Skewed Jellycube. I like the shape and stability of a 12-strut cuboctahedron, but it offers only little play. Skewed Jellycube can be pushed down to collapse in this orientation, although I'm not too sure whether it would survive to vigorous playing.

Skewed Jellyocta
Skewed Jellyocta repeats the idea of Skewed Jellycube, highlighting one of the four potential triangles in a 12-strut cuboctahedron. The structure doesn't collapse entirely, but can be squeezed easily.

With this 80ties retro series the market stall offers enough eye-catching colour, I just need to build some more small icosas and I have a decent collection for the next market day.

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