Saturday, 28 May 2011

Market preparations

Egg of Columbus
I got lazy since the last market, although I could replenish my stock of smaller sculptures after 5 pieces changed hands. I build two more 6-strut icosas, and have plenty of 12-strut octas in various sizes left. The new show piece is a slightly skewed 30-strut icosa, using two strut length and two colours, the Egg of Columbus.

Unfortunately, I can't get Triple Y in my old Volvo, and the larger structures don't like transport too much. The weather permits the use of more colour as well, so most preparations considered producing certificates, preselecting models for tomorrow and printing more business cards.

I'm overwhelmed by the space-filling character of these structures. My lounge room became an ecosystem of many variations of tensegrities. The heater ventilates hot air into the air, which moves Windspiel around, without ringing the chimes. At the basis of Windspiel, a pack of similar sized left-over experiments from the toolkit development lingers around. A short tetrahelix invaded a corner of Triple-Y, which itself seems to duck away from a large Class-2 tensegrity tetrahedron, which hooked itself into a band of x-modules. The modules connect like a vine the space between the lamp and the window, growing towards the artificial light.

The lamp also holds a cuboctahedron up, with a 6-strut suspended in its center. Windspiel repeats the theme, a small tensegrity suspended in a sphere. Out of seven basic geometric shapes an evolution of sculptures emerged, a constant recombination of materials and methods in different scales. Parts of this zoo will have the opportunity to find a new home, ending up in curious hands.

As I still have no idea which models to take, I simply will sleep the decision over.

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