Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The next season

Many things happened since I last had a stall at the Rose Street Market, most unfortunately, my car got totalled so I now face the challenge to transport enough models either on PT or on a unicycle.

As most of my toy octahedra were gone, I prepared the components for another batch of octoids, spending lots of time on sawing, cutting and a bit of spray painting. Luckily, I didn't forget how to build tensegrities, determined to produce enough portable material for next sunday's market I got into a bit of a rush - six octahedra, one icosahedron and one cube provide the first yield of two days work.

By chance I came up with a new colour combination for square struts, which works amazingly well. I might need to prepare another batch of struts to use up all the coloured ones I have now, and getting the photo and documenting job done.

I nearly forgot the joy of bringing tensegrities to life, especially those with unique looks.

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