Friday, 24 August 2012

Caught in the act

I have too many larger sculptures that want to be seen. As I haven't found a gallery, and carrying more than one of them around doesn't work too well, I outsourced some of them. Three of them vanished so far, two of them disintegrated, and four are currently on display in the neighbourhood.

Installing my sculptures in the middle of the night has some trade-offs. One that I really liked vanished in less than 24 hours, without me having any chance to see it hanging in daylight. Another one hangs much closer to the branch its dangling from than I wanted, I couldn't see my progress in lifting it up and so it ended up too high for my liking.

My last attempt to install something on top of one of the wooden posts failed as well, not too mention the bruises I got in the process. As I fail to notice any illegal thing in placing tensegrities in the wild, I simply decided to use a break in rain to do my work.

I wanted to use a tetrahedron made of string within a tensegrity tetrahedron as mount point, which meant 'squaring a triangle. My rough measurements worked out okay, a tighter fit is still possible.

I admit, I used anti-stealth mode. As the winter came back with a cold spell, I wore my space jacket. Lazy as I can be, I rode with my unicycle, carrying a relatively large sculpture in front of me.

At my target, I saw a young woman contemplating on the bench next to the post. I smiled over to her, leaned my unicycle to the post to easily reach the top, and to my pleasure, my idea how to slip the string tetra above the post worked well.

Tet-a-tet a bit closer
I didn't wait for the sun to come back for better shots, did my best to adjust the sculpture as balanced as I could, and happily cycled back. I passed a group of people that had seen me before, one of them asked me: Where's your little thing? I just shrugged my shoulders, with a big smile, and another one commented: "Very Brunswick". Indeed.

I still have to have a second look in sunlight. The visibility seems fine, but the tetrahedral shape has least appeal. A square within a tensegrity square can use the same mounting technique, and might look much more stunning. I still need to make a choice about the strut length, I think 30 cm could be too small for a dramatic effect.

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