Sunday, 5 August 2012

Filling the void

I started experimenting with combining tensegrity structures from the very start of my explorations. Most of the results used models of similar dimension and base geometry and some sort of quick and dirty approach. It took me a while, and some larger sculptures to deviate from this idea, and the initial set of combined structures had a clear defined orientation in space.

The idea of core and shell allowed me to create more complex structures which still can be placed in a variety of orientations. It also taught me experimentally that Buckminster Fuller's idea about the tetrahedron as smallest 'building block' of the universe can be demonstrated with tensegrity models.

Although I haven't attempted yet to exactly model the volumetric relations between the Platonic Solids as described in Synergetics, the 'compatibility' of all these highly symmetric structure becomes very apparent. Tetrahedra fits easily into 6-strut icosahedra, 12 strut cubes and octahedra, and 30 strut dodecahedra. Most likely also in 30 strut icosahedra (the most common tensegrity sphere), I just haven't bothered yet to build one.

Cubic merkaba

Octa Octa

Icosa Icosa

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