Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Busking tensegrities

Since I started building tensegrity structures, I got hooked. When I succeeded for the first time, I experienced something I couldn't have imagined before. In a way, I encountered the difference of what is called 'book wisdom' and 'experienced wisdom', and it blew my mind.

Now I'm certain that the concept of tensegrity will be part of my life. It is, scientifically speaking, anyway - from the way the cells in my body maintain their shape, to the interaction of the musculo-skeletal system, it's just a fact of life.

As I enjoy the process of building physical tensegrity structures, in various sizes and shapes, using different materials and strategies, I soon ran out of space to keep or at least collect my own work. For more than two years, I managed to tackle this challenge partly by going to a market and sell some of the structures I build.

I even went to live in the bush for a while with the hope to fill space with bigger things. This only meant limiting the amount of audience - instead of familiarising a larger part of my community with this beautiful way of representing fundamental principles within the universe, I engaged in some sort of (not really satisfying) form of artistic wanking.

Being involved in the Friday Free Shop in Melbourne's City Square gave me a better opportunity to gage the attraction of my work - I donated some of my structures each week I went there, and usually all of them found some new owners. Success! Even without knowing the term tensegrity, about thirty or forty tensegrity toys ended up in unknown curious hands.

Encouraged by the ease to sell my work for free, I decided to make City Square my new market place. As often as the weather permits, I will offer a variety of tensegrity structures there, as well as building new ones while I'm there.

The short time of sunlight restricts the amount of time I can spend there, nevertheless I will do my best to be available for a chat, and a build to customers preferences at City Square in Melbourne. Pick up a sample of my work for free on Fridays, or meet me, weather permitting, trying to get some of your hard-earned money for my honest craft on any other day without rain.

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