Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Is this street art?

You can touch this has been rebranded for the street market. As I still want to popularise the concept of tensegrity, I started busking my work in a public place, at City Square in Melbourne's CBD. 

Besides bringing about 10 build up structures along, I have string, scissors, ruler and sticks to build more. It's still only few sculptures per day that change hands for money, yet so far I haven't had any no-sales day.

Working in public is fun, and gains quite some attraction. I had plenty of inspiring conversations, and witnessed mass outbreaks of awe when school classes passed by. From of those, I heard the most interesting question so far: Is this street art?

My answer was simple: "If you think it's art, and it's definitely on the street, so yeah, you can call it street art." It has a bit the character of an exhibition as well, a temporary of course, with new objects every day.

I made friends with a chalk artist who is quire regularly nearby, and enjoy that he shares his experience on the street. It must be about the worst time to start this experiment - short daylight hours and not really pleasant weather. Especially the wind keeps me busy, but with a limited amount of models on display I still managed to chase up anything blown away.

The 6-strut icosahedron, plain or in 3 colours, and the octahedron go best, but I sold also the 12 strut tetrahedron, and some 9 strut joined tetras.

Besides some chalking, my setup is very basic. I still would like better display options. I could probably chalk some info, but a good looking solution that portable and easy to transport could improve my sales.

Sunny days bring out interesting patterns casted by the structures, and generally bring more smiles and interactions. I'm still hoping for the rain to cease, I build a tetrahedron as donation hat, and crave to try it out.

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